2022 State Championships!

Fall 2022 Competition Recap:

Platinum Cheer 2022 Season came to an end with a history making season!

 For the first time EVERY team brought home a State Trophy!!

Opal 1st Grade- STATE CHAMPIONS!!

Topaz 2nd Grade- 3rd Place in State!!

 Turquoise 3rd Grade- STATE CHAMPIONS!!

Sapphire 4th Grade- STATE CHAMPIONS!!

Onyx 5th Grade- 2nd Place in State!!

Emerald 6/7th Grade - STATE CHAMPIONS!!

 Diamond 7/8th Grade - STATE CHAMPIONS!!

2021 State Championships!

Fall 2021 Competition Recap:

Platinum Cheer 2021 Season 4 is a wrap! 

Being back at State was an amazing weekend and made so many lasting memories!

Our 7 Competitive cheer teams all made it to State and competed for a State Title!  

Topaz 1/2nd Grade- State Qualifier!!

 Turquoise 3rd Grade- 3rd Place State Title!!

Sapphire 4th Grade- STATE CHAMPIONS!!

Onyx 5th Grade- 4th Place State Finalist!!

Jade 6/7th Grade Rec Division- STATE CHAMPIONS!!

Emerald 6/7th Grade Super Rec Division - STATE CHAMPIONS!!

 Diamond 8th Grade Super Rec Divison- STATE CHAMPIONS!!

2020 State Championships!

2020 Fall Competition Recap:

Platinum Cheer was kept alive at State 2020 with our 6/7th Grade Super Rec Team.

Jade/Emerald 6/7th Grade - STATE CHAMPIONS!!!

2019 State Championships!

Fall 2019 Competition Recap:

Platinum Cheer 2019 season 2 is a wrap! 

We are extremely proud of these athletes and where we continue to go!  Our 6 Competitive cheer teams all made it to State and competed this weekend in one of IRCA’s largest and toughest Division A Large!  

We saw flawless routines all weekend! Bring on 2020!! 

Topaz 1/2nd Grade- 2nd Place State Title!!

 Turquoise 3rd Grade- State Champions!!

Sapphire 4th Grade- State Qualifier!!

Onyx 5th Grade- 3rd Place State Title!!

Jade 6th Grade- State Qualifier!!

 Diamond 7/8th Grade- State Champions!!

2018 State Championships!

Fall 2018 Competition Recap:

Congratulations to all 6 of our competitive teams for earning 20 First place finishes all season and ALL advancing to IRCA State! 
All teams performed on day 1 in one of IRCA’s toughest Division “A” categories with phenomenal performances. 

4 teams then advanced to the State Final Round to try and claim the Championship....
In our inaugural year, PCA is now the Proud Owners of
4 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in the Division “A” league of the IRCA!!!

Topaz 2nd Grade- STATE CHAMPS!
Turquoise 3rd Grade- STATE CHAMPS!
Sapphire 4th Grade-STATE CHAMPS! 
Diamond 6/7th Grade-STATE CHAMPS!