Get Your Cheer Costs Covered For 2021!

You heard us right! PCA wants to give all Athletes an opportunity to join our sport! We offer multiple ways to earn money towards your registration cost, uniform cost and State Fee. You can start NOW!

Cheer For Free Program: This is a “Get Your Money Back” program offered by PCA .  You must be in good standing with all fees for registration and uniform paid by due date to be eligible.  You will be reimbursed by 8/10/2021 for the sponsorship/fundraising you have achieved.

This final refund amount can never exceed the cost of the cheerleading program and athlete must be registered and participating in the program still on 8/10/2021 for refund.  


Seek Sponsorships to have all, or part of, your fees reimbursed.  An “Athlete Sponsorship Cover Letter” can be printed and filled out by the athlete. Turn this in along with the “Athlete Sponsorship Letter” to the business you are seeking sponsorship from.  Both forms can be found on our website below.

See 'Athlete Sponsorship Letter' on what you can earn. If you obtain more than one sponsorship we will add those amounts together to see which level the athlete qualifies for.  For example, if the athlete obtains six separate $100 sponsorships the total amount acquired is $600.  This amount qualifies the athlete to reach the Bronze level and receive $250 off fees.  Please note that each individual business remains at the specific $100 donation level. Please see the Athlete Sponsorship letter for details. Athlete Sponsorships for 2021 Cheer are due June 1, 2021.


There will be 2 Fundraising events to help reimburse for the cost of 2021.  More information to be coming!


The money raised will be applied to the IRCA State Fee for athletes ($155 max). If your pledges do not exceed $155, or you choose not to participate, the State Fee balance is to be paid in full within one week of receiving a State bid.  If your team does not earn a bid to state then your fundraising fees will be considered a donation to PCA. 

2021 Athlete Business Sponsorship Levels of Achievement   



Total Donations Received Athlete Earns

Athlete who obtains this level will earn free registration/uniform, and state fees for TWO athletes for one season.


Athlete who obtains this level will earn free registration/uniform, and state fees for one athlete. 


Athlete who obtains this level will earn $500 off registration fee.


Athlete who obtains this level will receive $250 off registration fee.


Athlete who obtains this level will receive $125 off registration fee.


Athlete who obtains this level will receive $50 off registration fee.