The total cost of cheer is $915 for Grades 1-8th and $450 for Sparkle (See Sparkle Page for more Info). The program start date is August 2, 2021

Cheer Program Costs: 

  • $915 Registration (Uniform INCLUDED IN COST)
    • See below what is included in program costs
  • $155 IRCA State Fee
    • Due at a later date, TBA, and NOT part of Registration payments
  • $150 Volunteer Post Dated Check per Family- To only be cashed at end of season if you did not fulfill Volunteer hours
    • Due at Uniform Fitting and NOT part of Registration payments
  • $25 For Athlete Gift - To be used for competition & state gifts
    • Due to Team Mom in August and NOT part of registration payments
  • $50 Mandatory Fundraiser Fee per Family due September 1st - NOT included in Registration Cost
  • NEW THIS YEAR - $50 Sibling Discount! - This will be reduced on the last payment.

FOR GRADES K-5TH - After April 10th Registration price goes up $50 to be added on the initial registration payment.  After May 1st the registration price goes up $100 and will be added on the initial registration fee.



SPARKLE (K)   5:30-7PM   5:30-7PM
TOPAZ (1/2ND) 5-7PM   5-7PM  
TURQUOISE (3RD) 5-7PM   5-7PM  
SAPPHIRE (4TH)   5-7PM   5-7PM
ONYX (5TH)   7-9PM   7-9PM
JADE (6/7TH) Rec Team 7-9PM   7-9PM  
EMERALD (6/7TH) Super Rec Team 7-9PM   7-9PM  
DIAMOND (8TH)   7-9PM   7-9PM